St. John's Ritual For Each Sign. Virgo.

Ritual de San Juan, for those born under the sign of Virgo. The magic of the branches of a tree to materialize your desires If you need more energy to achieve Continue reading →

Under swords

Minor Arcana Arcane 53. Sota de Espadas. When the Sota de Espadas is presented to the right, it determines a person who can be a merchant or a business man Continue reading →

Speak with the Prestigious Tarotista Seer and Astrologer Pedro Rodriguez

Tarot Your Guardian Angel

Every day from 17h in the afternoon to 01h in the morning, you can talk to our prestigious clairvoyant, tarot player and astrologer Pedro Rodriguez, the soul of the Tarot Continue reading →

The seers myth or reality


Around the world many people doubt the honesty of people who are dedicated to esoteric issues such as clairvoyance, reading letters, tarot, among others, however Continue reading →